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Episode 42: DON’T PANIC

Episode 42: DON'T PANIC

Episode 42: DON’T PANIC, in which we pay a small tribute to the answer to life, the universe, and everything — and along the way, we talk scifi and space ships (of the Khan/Arthur and Kirk/Spock kind), consider worldbuilding and scifi fic recs, sort Loo and Amanda, and interview fan Mid0nz.

Art by Fox Estacado

Time stamps for this episode:

Host Opening (0:00:38 – 00:07:46)
Coroner’s Report (0:07:46 – 0:12:43)
Sorting Sherlock: Loo Brealey and Amanda Abbington (0:12:43 – 0:40:31)
Geek Interpreter: From Kirk/Spock to Johnlock (0:40:31 – 1:18:04)
Scifi headcanons (1:18:04 – 1:27:02)
Consulting Travelers (1:27:02 – 1:59:08)
Notebook of Kitty Riley: Mid0nz (1:59:08 – 2:20:12)
Top Ten Martin Freeman Roles to Catch Up On (2:20:12 – 2:22:24)
Science of Seduction, Pimp My (Space)Ship Edition: Kharthur (2:22:24 – 2:43:43)
Consulting Writers  (2:43:43 – 3:09:53)
That’s My Division (3:09:53 – 3:24:49)
Post Mortem (3:24:49 – 3:30:35)

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Geek Girl Con and New York Comic Con: TPP meetups!

Slashy Soiree: a multi-fandom meetup for Geek Girl Con attendees who love slash and transformative works.NYCC meet-up

Convention goers on the east coast and west! Are you attending Geek Girl Con in Seattle, Washington? Or New York Comic Con? Because we’re having events at both cons, both on October 10. Details below.

@GGC: Join Rachael at TPP’s Slashy Soiree: a multi-fandom fannish meetup for attendees who love slash and transformative works. The meetup is at 606 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA, a private residence in downtown Seattle, a 5 minute car ride or 20 minute walk away from the convention center. There will be signs at the location instructing you on how to enter the meetup. We’ll have drinks, food, vids, and lots of fun. Come by starting at 8, stay til late!

@NYCC: Join Caroline and Chelsea for a Sherlockian meetup. We’re meeting under the 1C banner on level 1 of the Javits Center, at 2pm on Saturday, October 10.  BBC Sherlock fandom, old school Holmesians, Great Mouse Detective cosplayers – Sherlockians of NYC, we’d love to meet you!

Giveaway! Sherlock: Chronicles

So as we mentioned in our Episode 41: (Un)Deaded, we got a review copy from Dey Street Books of a companion book to the series, Sherlock: Chronicles. And since we’re done reviewing it for our 41st episode, we thought we’d host a giveaway! The form to enter is below.

The giveaway closes on October 30, 2015.


Episode 41: (Un)Deaded



Episode 41: (Un)Deaded, in which a bunch of the TPP crew head to London to see Hamlet, while others of us look ahead to Halloween with fic recs, cracky shenanigans, and more.

Art by Fox Estacado

Timestamps for this episode:

Host Opening (0:00:25 – 0:10:58)
Coroner’s Report (0:10:58 – 0:18:08)
Top Ten Scariest Things Mycroft Has Seen on CCTV (0:18:08 – 0:19:08)
Post-Hamlet Squee and Discussion (0:19:08 – 0:54:41)
Book Review: Sherlock Chronicles (0:54:41 -1:00:24)
Tube Talk (1:00:24 – 1:06:25)
That’s My Division: Supernatural/Undead (1:06:25 – 1:19:39)
Scary Story (1:19:39 -1:21:43)
Fantastical and Monster AUs (1:21:43 – 1:52:38)
Top Ten Scariest Things Given to Trick-or-treaters at 221B (1:52:38 – 1:53:38)
That’s My Division: Deathfic (1:53:38 – 2:04:19)
Upcoming Con Meetups (2:04:19 – 2:05:18)
Post Mortem (2:05:18 – 2:09:11)

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Episode 40: Sexpisode 3(some)



Sexpisode 3(some): It’s September, which can only mean one thing – time for our annual celebration of sexuality and sex-positivity in fanworks! In our third annual Sexpisode, we celebrate threesomes, OT3s, and more.

Art by Fox Estacado

Timestamps for this episode:

Host Opening (0:00:25 – 0:08:47)
Coroner’s Report (0:09:06 – 0:14:33)
Sexy Headcanons (Live from GridlockDC 2015) (0:14:55 – 0:43:45)
Top Ten Tips for a Sexy Threesome (0:44:15 – 0:45:16)
Shipping OT3s (0:45:56- 1:16:01)
Top Ten Reasons He’s Called John “Three Continents” Watson (1:16:24 – 1:18:00)
A Study in Fanfic (1:18:13- 1:36:50)
Consulting Writers (1:37:47- 2:00:14)
Top Ten Reasons Three Isn’t a Crowd (2:00:14- 2:01:04)
WBSL Radio (2:01:01- 2:23:51)
That’s My Division (2:24:14 – 2:39:56)
Post Mortem (2:40:11 – 2:48:01)

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Episode 39.5: Hamlet Primer, Extended Cut


The Barbican Production of Hamlet is coming up here!  On August 5th, Benedict Cumberbatch is stepping onto the stage for what is sure to be an amazing production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, under the direction of Lyndsey Turner.

Listen to Three Patch Podcast consulting fan fffinnagain interview fan Hilary Justice, professor of English and author of  The Groundling’s Guide to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, to find out:

  • what this play is about
  • why Hamlet is such a big deal
  • what makes a good production of Hamlet

Hilary and Finnagain also compare the characters of Hamlet and Sherlock and speculate on this specific production, pulling details from the synopsis, the super-creepy poster, and what we know about the creative team.

A shorter version of this interview is in TPP’s Episode 39: Back to School. This extended cut touches on different productions of Hamlet, shares more historical context on Shakespeare’s audiences, and digs further into Ophelia, one of the most problematic characters of the play.

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