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Episode 40: Sexpisode 3(some)



Sexpisode 3(some): It’s September, which can only mean one thing – time for our annual celebration of sexuality and sex-positivity in fanworks! In our third annual Sexpisode, we celebrate threesomes, OT3s, and more.

Art by Fox Estacado

Timestamps for this episode:

Host Opening (0:00:25 – 0:08:47)
Coroner’s Report (0:09:06 – 0:14:33)
Sexy Headcanons (Live from GridlockDC 2015) (0:14:55 – 0:43:45)
Top Ten Tips for a Sexy Threesome (0:44:15 – 0:45:16)
Shipping OT3s (0:45:56- 1:16:01)
Top Ten Reasons He’s Called John “Three Continents” Watson (1:16:24 – 1:18:00)
A Study in Fanfic (1:18:13- 1:36:50)
Consulting Writers (1:37:47- 2:00:14)
Top Ten Reasons Three Isn’t a Crowd (2:00:14- 2:01:04)
WBSL Radio (2:01:01- 2:23:51)
That’s My Division (2:24:14 – 2:39:56)
Post Mortem (2:40:11 – 2:48:01)

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Episode 39.5: Hamlet Primer, Extended Cut


The Barbican Production of Hamlet is coming up here!  On August 5th, Benedict Cumberbatch is stepping onto the stage for what is sure to be an amazing production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, under the direction of Lyndsey Turner.

Listen to Three Patch Podcast consulting fan fffinnagain interview fan Hilary Justice, professor of English and author of  The Groundling’s Guide to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, to find out:

  • what this play is about
  • why Hamlet is such a big deal
  • what makes a good production of Hamlet

Hilary and Finnagain also compare the characters of Hamlet and Sherlock and speculate on this specific production, pulling details from the synopsis, the super-creepy poster, and what we know about the creative team.

A shorter version of this interview is in TPP’s Episode 39: Back to School. This extended cut touches on different productions of Hamlet, shares more historical context on Shakespeare’s audiences, and digs further into Ophelia, one of the most problematic characters of the play.

Episode 39: Back to School



Back to School. It’s that time of year again, so this month we’re discussing Teenlock/Unilock, Hamlet, Viclock, and more!

Art by Fox Estacado

Host Opening (0:00:00 – 0:13:06)
Coroner’s Report (0:13:06- 0:19:53)
Gridlock Promo (0:19:51 – 0:20:52)
All I Need to Know About Life I Learned in Fandom (0:20:52 – 0:24:23)
Talking ‘Bout My Genre: Teenlock/Unilock (0:24:23 – 1:04:34)
Beta, Pt. 2 (1:04:55- 1:18:08)
Consulting Travelers (1:18:28 – 1:37:39)
Hamlet Primer (1:37:33 – 2:02:59)
Science of Seduction: Viclock (2:03:19 – 2:28:57)
Consulting Writers (2:29:23 – 2:45:50)
The Notebook of Kitty Riley:  Janina Scarlet (2:46:04 – 3:10:29)
Extreme Crafting (3:10:45 – 3:23:54)
That’s My Division (3:24:11 – 3:38:43)
Post Mortem (3:38:56 – 3:50:32)


Episode 38: The Greek Interpreted


The Greek Interpreted. Chock full of Greek tributes and tangents from Omegaverse to Pi(e)croft, betaing fanfic to BBC Sherlock music meta.

Art by Fox Estacado


Spoilercast 26: Next Time on Sherlock


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Emma, and Caroline with special guests Emcee Frodis and Crystal

In this episode: This episode features a live-recorded panel at 221B Con in Atlanta, in which we discuss spoilers for the Christmas Special.  (SPOILERS below)

Art by Fox Estacado


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