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Emma interviews two members of the 221B Con com about forming and running the premiere fan-run convention on Sherlock Holmes in the US. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Interview with 221B Con Organizers (1:37:53) Consulting Fans: Emma, Crystal, and Liz, Producer/Editor: Emma. 221B Con website 221B Con Twitter 221B Con Facebook 221B Con […]

74 – Interview with 221B Con Organizers

Makeup geeks unite! Fans discuss the intersection of fandom and makeup, and talk Shiro Cosmetics’ Sherlock line of products. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Sherlock Line of Shiro Cosmetics (2:07:07) Consulting Fans: Drinkingcocoa, Cookie, B, Chelsea, Smirk, Producer/Editor: Drinkingcocoa Cheekbones, the Sherlock-themed line of contour powders from Shiro Cosmetics Cookie’s Shiro tester […]

74 – Sherlock Line of Shiro Cosmetics

Three Patchers who made it to the first ever PodCon back in December recap their experiences.. Listen here or download. Shownotes: PodCon (0:22:50) Consulting Fans: Smirk, Chelsea, Drinkingcocoa, B  Producer:/Editor: B My Brother, My Brother and Me / The Adventure Zone Podcon website Welcome to Nightvale The Bright Sessions Dr. Sydnee […]

74 – PodCon

Fans from season two hiatus and later revisit Reichenbach and discuss how season four might alter our reading of the rooftop scene. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Three Patch Throwback: Reichenbach Redux (1:00:20) Consulting Fans: JL4L, Fox, MK, Sunday, Producer: JL4L, Editor: Fox Reichenbach Fallout segment from episode 2 This segment […]

74 – Three Patch Throwback – Reichenbach Redux