About the casefiles


The Three Patch Podcast is a fandom podcast focused on the BBC’s drama series Sherlock. Over the years of monthly episodes, TPP has hosted discussions and interviews on a great range of topics specific to our corner of fandom and beyond.

Wonder if Three Patch has ever discussed Fandom in the Media, or TJLC? How about London, or Sally Donovan, or The Abominable Bride? This archive shares the longer audio segments cut from our two to three hour episodes , each tagged by topic, type, and participants.

Go ahead and search the archive, poke through the tags, or check out the segments by category. The segments here are the longer ones: interviews, roundtables, etc. If you are looking for the fic recs or show news, check out the rec list of That’s My Division and the Coroner’s Reports in the full episodes posted on our main blog.