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With just a bit of time to reflect, consulting fans discuss their reactions to series 4 as a whole. Listen here or download. SHOWNOTES: Series 4 Reaction Roundtable (0:11:38)↑ Consulting Fans: Shannon, Qui, Chelsea, Drinkingcocoa Producer: Shannon, Editor: Drinkingcocoa Moriarty Entering To twitter 221B Explode To twitter Sherlock and Molly […]

60 – Reaction Roundtable: Series 4

Finn sits down with consulting fans to discuss the results of the fandom and sexuality survey that Three Patch ran in September. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans: Caroline, Chelsea, Alexxphoenix42 Jenga Facebook interview Finger tutting This segment was first release on December 1, 2016 in Episode 56: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (The […]

56 – Squee: Doctor Strange

Emma Grant and a host of consulting fans discuss the endless possibilities of sports AUs. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans: Emma, Librarylock, Urban Hymnal, and EarlGreyTea68 Librarylock’s recs: Oomarilliaoo’s Equestrian!lock fanart Eyes Up, Heels Down by CodenameMeretricious Fly Very High by yalublyutebya The discussion of DCI!lock, which someone […]

55 – Talkin’ Bout My Genre: Sports AUs

Consulting fans join Alexxphoenix42 in discussing the allure and appeal of balletlock and rugby!John. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans: Alexxphoenix42, Dani, ScienceofObsession Balletlock feels pic Sergei Polunin dances to “Take Me to Church” Thetwelfthpanda art [1] [2] [3] Shootbadcabbies art [1] [2] [3] Anotherwellkeptsecret art [1] [2] [3] […]

55 – We Ship It: Balletlock and Rugby!John

1electricpirate’s potterlock fic “you are a paradigm” gets the book club treatment. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans: Alexxphoenix42, Drinkingcocoa, and Fox Estacado you are a paradigm, by 1electricpirate Harry Potter Music Indian Tribute This segment was first release on October 1, 2016 in Episode 54: Potterlocktober. Music Credit […]

54 – A Study in Fanfic: you are a paradigm by 1electricpirate

Consulting Fans Emma Grant, Caroline, Finnagain, Chelsea, and Scienceofobsession discuss wanking (the good kind) to fandom. Listen here or download. How authors feel about others wanking to their work Fandom making folks comfortable with their sexuality Goldey, K. L., Posh, A. R., Bell, S. N., & van Anders, S. M. (2016). […]

53 – Wanking to Fandom

Consulting fans Chelsea, Finnagain, and Fox Estacado about the San Diego Comic Con and Sherlock Series 4 trailer. Listen here or download. Series 4 trailer NerdHQ panel Controversies of The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up Smack My Bitch Up Music Video (content warning for sexual violence and drug use) This segment […]

52 – SDCC and Trailer Squee

Consulting Fans Shannon, Finnagain, Earlgreytea68, and Elizabeth Minkel talk about the tensions of Privilege and Prejudice in fandom that support attacks on harmless works like coffeeshop AUs. Listen here or download. Fansplaining -The podcast by, about, and for fandom, hosted by Flourish Klink & Elizabeth The Rec Center “My words stayed in folders”: […]

51 – Privilege and Prejudice in Fandom Roundtable

Consulting Fans Alexxphoenix42, Chelsea, prettysailorsoldier, and Scienceofobsession talk about Coffeeshop AU fics and fluff. Listen here or download. What The Greats Wrote About by orphan_account Notes in the Tip Jar by Lakeor Never Again, Vienna by orphan_account A Whole Latte Love  by prettysailorsoldier Crossing Paths by prettysailorsoldier Johnloctober by prettysailorsoldier Blond […]

51 – Coffee Shop/Fluff Roundtable: Johnlock Edition

Consulting Fans DrinkingCocoa, Emma, B, AlexxPhoenix42, MK, and Caroline share their feelings about the central character Mary Morstan, with special guest appearance by Dixiebell. Listen here or download.  Down in the Valley by thefinalproblem A Defense of Mary Morstan by azriona I’m asking you about your reading of Mary by greencarnations […]

50 – The Elephant in the Room: Mary Morstan

Consulting Fans Alexxphoenix42, Littleowls3, Steph (Inevitably-Johnlocked), and B share their reactions and interpretations of Mycroft Holmes as depicted in The Abominable Bride. Listen here or download. Mycroft’s Large Heart Mycroft in TAB A Christmas Carol – Sherlock Style This segment was originally posted on May 1, 2016 in Episode 49: The Merry Month of Mycroft. It […]

49 – Fatsuit Mycroft Roundtable

Consulting Fans Chelsea, Leanne, Lilo, Songlin, and Finnagain talk about how their fandom lives are linked or kept separate from their more public identities. Listen here or download. This edit is the extended cut of the conversation, released as Episode 48A. Rainbow Rowell and Fangirl (Interview) Shiggins is Sherlock Holmes/Billy Wiggins. […]

48 – Fandom and Public Identity Roundtable

Consulting Fans Alexxphoenix42, Cupidford, and Gabe talk about the special kind of ridiculousness that fandom calls “Crack”. Listen here or download. Cupidford’s recs Drugged Coffee SherlockedCon Dolphinlock (example strand) Bottomlock Couplinglock TrashJohn Jurassic Park sherlocked-development everybudders sherlockspeare cakepopsforeveryone’s Dr. Seuss meta finalproblem Origination of the Traffic Cone Reinchencrack go hardddd video  […]

48 – Crack Roundtable

Consulting Fans Chelsea, Alexxphoenix42, Cupidford, Librarylock, and heimishtheidealhusband talk about The JohnLock Conspiracy (TJLC). Listen here or download. LGB Study Anteros Statue 57 text alerts Pope bust Oscar Wilde, 1895, Green Carnations Maid in TAB Femlock in Dr Who Martin Freeman interview The Johnlock Conspiracy This segment was originally posted on March 1, 2016 in Episode […]

47 – TJLC Roundtable

Consulting Fans Shannon, Alexxphoenix42, Caroline, Drinkingcocoa, Emma Grant, Finnagain, and Fox take turns explaining their various reactions to the Victorian Special. Listen here or download. Maurice (1987) Desert Hearts (1986) Legend of Korra (2014) depicting queer endgame romance This segment was originally posted on February 1, 2016 in Episode 46: First Time February . It may […]

46 – Elephant in the Room: Reacting to TAB

Consulting Fans Drinkingcocoa, methleigh, B, mid0nz, and timestitcher talk about the staging of the Victorian special, from the lights to the costumes.  Listen here or download.  Empire 360 Panoramic Sherlock Sets Semana Santa in Spain Arwel Jones Twitter Dannysfx Twitter Tyntesfield House tours in January mid0nz’s posts on the moon lamp […]

45 – The Look of TAB roundtable

Consulting Fans Mydwynter, Mazarin221B, Redscudery, Tiltedsyllogism, DoctorNerdington, and Emma Grant discuss just how Victorian the Victorian special turned out to be.  Listen here or download.  Semana Santa Indiewire review This segment was originally posted on January 6, 2016 in Episode 45: Everything You’ve Taken. It may have been remastered for audibility. Music Credit Unless otherwise indicated, music […]

45 – How Victorian Was it? Roundtable

Consulting Fans Cupidford, cosmoglaut, miadifferent, wellthengameover discuss with finnagain how their many spoiler inspired theories about the special played out.  Listen here or download.  Miadifferent’s setlock masterpost Cupidford’s setlock masterpost wellthengameover’s Sherlock Meta masterpost cosmoglaut’s #setlock4 posts Collaborative speculation about a drug induced and twisted mind palace List of theories about a possible frame […]

45 – Now that we know Roundtable

Consulting Fans Drinkingcocoa, Emma, Science, Dixie, and Caroline share their first reactions to the The Abominable Bride. Listen here or download. Canon stories referenced in The Abominable Bride from Mazarin221b Intern Kevin masterpost  Moffat, Gatiss, Thompson, and Suppressed Feminine Power by Drinkingcocoa This segment was originally posted on January 2, 2016 in Episode 44: Ghosts. It may have been […]

44 – Ghosts

Consulting Fans Mydwynter, Mazarin221B, Redscudery, Tiltedsyllogism, and DoctorNerdington talk about joys and challenges of writing fanfiction set in Victorian times. Listen here or download. Maz’s fic on AO3 Syllogism’s fics: Of One Blood: John’s Adventures in the Jungle All Our Gifts At Once, or, The Young Sea-Man Redscudery’s fic on AO3 DoctorNerdington’s fic […]

43 – Thinking Victorian, Writing Victorian

Consulting Fan Jinglebell hosts a discussion of fantastical AUs with PoppyAlexander , Patternofdefiance, emmagrant01, Alexxpheonix42, songlin, B, finnagain, and Caroline at Gridlock 2015. Listen here or download. Riptide Lover by jinglebell Maintenance and Repair by patternofdefiance At Night in the Floating World by PoppyAlexander The Midas Touch by flawedamythyst Names for […]

41 – Live from Gridlock: Fantastical AUs

Consulting Fans Emma, finnagain, Dixie, Qui, Shannon, Chelsea, and B share their immidiate reactions to the Turner and Cumberbatch production of Hamlet. Listen here or download.  Hamlet Barbican official site National Theatre Live Cinema Showings Hamlet Barbican parody twitter account Hamlet Primer mini-episode This segment was originally posted on October 5, 2015 in Episode […]

41 – Post Hamlet Squee

Consulting Fans Emma, Fox, Anarfea, Catie-Brie, and DestinationToast talk about the joys of shipping in threes. Listen here or download.  Anarfea’s fics on AO3 CatieBrie’s fics on AO3 DestinationToast’s fics on AO3 Emma’s fics on AO3 DestinationToast’s OT3 stats roundup post This segment was originally posted on September 1, 2015 in Episode 40: Sexpisode 3(some). It may have […]

40 – Roundtable on Shipping OT3s

Consulting fans Songlin, Diane Williams, and PrettyArbitrary talk the fandom favourite AU Omegaverse. Listen here or download. Wherever Destiny Takes Me by justacookieofacumberbatch Stories by emmagrant01 A Cure for Boredom The Making of Interlude This segment was originally posted on July 1, 2015 in Episode 38: The Greek Interpreted. It may have been remastered for audibility. […]

38 – Omegaverse Roundtable

Consulting fans Miadifferent, Mid0nz, Postcardfromtheoryland, and finnagain talk about the music of Sherlock. Listen here or download. Music to Picture: An Interview with Sherlock Composer Michael Price by Mid0nz Blog post by Eos Sherlock on the Fiddle Fic rec: Coldsong by Eldritchhorrors Meta by Miadifferent: John’s theme in His Last Vow, […]

38 – Music Meta Roundtable

Consulting Fans: B, Science, AlexxPhoenix42, Chelsea, and Brittianey discuss the plethora of fan fiction possibilities by pivoting between settings of our favourite actors . Listen here or download. B’s recs: Come to Morning by sunryder A Redhead Walks Into a Bar… by intricatearticulation Pages from the Red Book by DesdemonaAngel Science’s […]

35 – Expansion Pack Roundtable

Consulting Fans: Rachael, Roane, Basser, EldritchHorrors, Army, and WellingtonGoose. Listen here or download. The Cold Song series by EldritchHorrors Can’t Rewind Now We’ve Gone Too Far by Basser Amped by CharleyFoxtrot In Confidence by Emmadelosnardos Rentboy on Montague Street by theshockblanket This segment was originally posted on April 1, 2015 in Episode 35: The […]

35 – Drug Use in Sherlock BBC Roundtable

Consulting Fans: centrumlumina, Destinationtoast, finnagain, Penns-woods,unreconstructedfangirl. Listen here or download. Fandom Stats LiveJournal Community Centrumlumina’s AO3 census Destinationtoast’s fandom stats 221b con Fandom Stats Presentation by destinationtoast, strangelock, and penns-woods Unreconstructedfangirl’s Banging Sherlock Survey finnagain’s fandom stats This segment was originally posted on March 1, 2015 in Episode 34: Swan or Sydney Opera House?. It […]

34 – Fandom Stats Roundtable

Consulting Fans: ScienceofObsession, Mazarin221b, HiddenLacuna, Mars Daydream, Mydwynter, Drinkingcocoa. Listen here or download. Fanlore page on beta reading This segment was originally posted on March 1, 2015 in Episode 34: Swan or Sydney Opera House?. It may have been remastered for audibility. Music Credit Unless otherwise indicated, music is available for purchase through online […]

34 – Beta Roundtable

Consulting Fans: Consultingpiskies, Finnagain, MK, and Saathi1013. Listen here or download. Rule 63 (as Saathi uses it – ymmv): an umbrella term for fanonically reinterpreting characters as gender(s) other than those presented in canon.  This includes what some people call ‘cis-swapping’ as well as headcanoning a character as transgender, provided their […]

33 – Femslash Rountable