All of Hooper's lab reports pertaining to Bearded!John

Squee over Bearded!John!   Listen here or download. Shownotes: That’s My Genre: Bearded!John (1:41:49) Consulting Fans: Alexxphoenix42,B, Cookie, Smirk, Producer/Editor: Alexx Smirk’s recs Beard Contest art by reapersun Captains of Industry series by 221b_hound The List by distantstarlight Closer by hungryhippo_11 (reader/Martin Freeman) Fuzz by chibistarlyte Façade by distantstarlight Guide to types of gay men B’s recs Northwest Passage by Kryptaria Cookie’s recs Lumberjack art by thetwelfthpanda (neetols) […]

70 – Talking About My Genre: Bearded!John