All of Hooper's lab reports pertaining to cosplay

Consulting fans Dixie and Qui interview iamjohnlockedforlife about her Molly cosplay with Mary-Louise’s brain. Listen here or download. JL4L Molly Cosplay & Sherlolly Fun Brain mold used Original recipe for pink brain shooter Modified brain shooter recipe This segment was originally posted on August 1, 2015 in Episode 39: Back to School . It may have been […]

39 – Extreme Crafters: Jello Brain

Consulting fans: Caroline, Science, Ori (johnfuckingwatson), Jess (jupitereyed), V (notyourbreadbaker), Jaradel (jaradel). Listen here or download. Cosplay tags: Ori’s cosplay tag Jess’ cosplay tag V’s cosplay tag Miscellaneous resources: Ori and Jess’ MiniBang challenge with UrbanHymnal Taikova fanart How to make a Sydney Opera House napkin Others specifically mentioned: Makokitten’s […]

31 – Cosplay Roundtable

Consulting Fan B talks with roleplayers Inspiral & Orestes. Listen here or download. Doctor J.H.Watson Blog The Science of Deduction Anotherwellkept Secret Swing!lock Fanart Photoshoots Fluff Fanart Photoshoot Sandmanlock Alone on the Water by madlori This segment was first release on February 1st, 2016, in Episode 19: The Game is Never Over.  It […]

19 – From the Notebook of Kitty Riley: Inspiral, Orestes

Consulting Fans Dixie and Qui interview Sasha, covering cosplay, crossplay and fic! Listen here or download. Link to Sasha’s tumblr: This segment was first release on June 15th, 2013 in Episode 6.5: It’s All Still Fine. It has been remastered for audibility. Music Credit Unless otherwise indicated, music is available for purchase […]

6.5 – Extreme Crafting with Mrs. Hudson: Sashaforthewin

Consulting Fans Dixie and Qui talk about 221B Con and cosplay. Dixie talks about how she made her giant glowing Bluebell costume (and all the drama that accompanied it) and Qui talks about how she attempted to make a stuffed bunny glow. Listen here or download. Dixie’s Bluebell costume pics, “happy […]

5 – Extreme Crafting with Mrs. Hudson: Cosplay