All of Hooper's lab reports pertaining to episode 4

Consulting Fans Shannon, Fox Estacado, and Drinkingcocoa sort characters Anderson and Sally Donovan. Shownotes: JKR’s quote about Neville’s sorting on Pottermore. This segment was first release on April 1st, 2013 in Episode 4: Everyone’s an Idiot at 0:19:57 time stamp. It has been remastered for audibility. Music Credit Unless otherwise indicated, music is available for […]

4 – Sorting Sherlock: Anderson and Donovan

Consulting Fan Emma Grant interviews fic author Madlori. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Where to find Madlori online: Tumblr: LiveJournal: AO3: FFN: “Alone on the Water”: Madlori’s discussion of “Alone on the Water” on Slashcast “Performance in a Leading Role” “The Blog of Eugenia Watson” “Zero […]

4 – From the Notebook of Kitty Riley: Madlori