All of Hooper's lab reports pertaining to Episode 73

Listen in and learn a few tricks to get more out of your AO3 experience. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Geek Interpreter: AO3 Tools, Tips, and Tricks (2:08:36) Consulting Fans: Caroline, SundayDuck, JL4L Producer/Editor: Caroline Learning HTML HTMLgoodies W3schools CWB’s simple formatting for ao3 notes and comments AO3 Search hacks AO3 Work […]

73 – Geek Interpreter – AO3 Tools, Tips and Tricks

An interview with new (superstar) fic author SinceWhenDoYouCallMe_John. Listen here or download. Shownotes: The Notebook of Kitty Riley: Interview with SinceWhenDoYouCallMe_John (1:30:36) Consulting Fans: Alexxphoenix42, SinceWhenDoYouCallMe_John Producer/Editor: Alexxphoenix42 Gimme Shelter He Was a Friend of Mine The Second Pink Line The Bang and the Clatter by earlgreytea68 This segment was first released […]

73 – The Notebook Of Kitty Riley: Interview with SinceWhenDoYouCallMe_John

New and original Consulting Fans revisit a classic segment and “resort” Sherlock with new character insights from Series Three and Four. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Three Patch Throwback: Sorting Sherlock (0:16:14) Consulting Fans: Shannon, Drinkingcocoa, MK, Finn Producer/Editor: Emma Casefile: the original Sorting Sherlock segment from Episode 1 This segment was first […]

73 – Three Patch Throwback – Sorting Sherlock