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Consulting fans join Alexxphoenix42 in discussing the allure and appeal of balletlock and rugby!John. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans: Alexxphoenix42, Dani, ScienceofObsession Balletlock feels pic Sergei Polunin dances to “Take Me to Church” Thetwelfthpanda art [1] [2] [3] Shootbadcabbies art [1] [2] [3] Anotherwellkeptsecret art [1] [2] [3] […]

55 – We Ship It: Balletlock and Rugby!John

Consulting Fans Alexxphoenix42, Chelsea, prettysailorsoldier, and Scienceofobsession talk about Coffeeshop AU fics and fluff. Listen here or download. What The Greats Wrote About by orphan_account Notes in the Tip Jar by Lakeor Never Again, Vienna by orphan_account A Whole Latte Love  by prettysailorsoldier Crossing Paths by prettysailorsoldier Johnloctober by prettysailorsoldier Blond […]

51 – Coffee Shop/Fluff Roundtable: Johnlock Edition

Consulting Fans Caroline, EventHorizon, Earlgreytea68, Prettysailorsoldier, and Startrekto221b talk about their genre: Teenlock and Unilock. Listen here or download. EventHorizon Tumblr, ao3 The Shop Boy, The School Boy, By the Pale Moonlight, Trip the Light Fantastic Earlgreytea68 Tumblr, Twitter, ao3 Saving Sherlock Holmes Prettysailorsoldier Tumblr, ao3 Works on ao3 Startrekto221b Tumblr, ao3 […]

39 – Talking ‘Bout My Genre: Teenlock/Unilock