All of Hooper's lab reports pertaining to Rare ships

Consulting Fans PoppyAlexander (fuckyeahfightlock), Lesley (Vanetti), Alexxphoenix42, finnagain, and audience members talk about rarepairs at this 221B Con 2016 panel. Listen here or download. Fic recs from the panel and audience: Jolto (James Sholto/John Watson): All Our Lives by longlivejohnlock, a gen rated one shot taking place before John runs into […]

50 – Live panel: Rarepairs

Consulting Fans Emma, Chelsea, Chucksauce, and Mildredandbobbin share their enthousiasm for star crossing romance between Cumberbatch’s Kahn and Freeman’s Arthur Dent. Listen here or download. Chelsea’s recs: Mostly Harmless by Chucksauce An Improbability by Mildredandbobbin Elizakaze’s Kharthur art Pridoo’s Kharthur art Cylin’s Kharthur comic (on tumblr and ao3) Book People audiobook deal for […]

42 – Pimp My (Space)Ship Edition: Kharthur