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With just a bit of time to reflect, consulting fans discuss their reactions to series 4 as a whole. Listen here or download. SHOWNOTES: Series 4 Reaction Roundtable (0:11:38)↑ Consulting Fans: Shannon, Qui, Chelsea, Drinkingcocoa Producer: Shannon, Editor: Drinkingcocoa Moriarty Entering To twitter 221B Explode To twitter Sherlock and Molly […]

60 – Reaction Roundtable: Series 4

Consulting Fans Drinkingcocoa, Emma, Science, Dixie, and Caroline share their first reactions to the The Abominable Bride. Listen here or download. Canon stories referenced in The Abominable Bride from Mazarin221b Intern Kevin masterpost  Moffat, Gatiss, Thompson, and Suppressed Feminine Power by Drinkingcocoa This segment was originally posted on January 2, 2016 in Episode 44: Ghosts. It may have been […]

44 – Ghosts

Consulting Fans Emma, finnagain, Dixie, Qui, Shannon, Chelsea, and B share their immidiate reactions to the Turner and Cumberbatch production of Hamlet. Listen here or download.  Hamlet Barbican official site National Theatre Live Cinema Showings Hamlet Barbican parody twitter account Hamlet Primer mini-episode This segment was originally posted on October 5, 2015 in Episode […]

41 – Post Hamlet Squee