All of Hooper's lab reports pertaining to shipping

Live from 221B Con 2017, panelists discuss the characters of BBC Sherlock, identification with them, and how that affects their relationship with fandom. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans: Finnagain, Smirk, B, AlexxPhoenix42, Caroline, and Chelsea Producer/Editor: Drinkingcocoa John never makes tea meta post This segment was first released […]

63 – TPP Live: Identifying with Characters

Panelists discuss Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: why do we love them so? Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans: Berlynn Wohl, Chelsea, Boomsherlocka Producer/ Editor: Finnagain Berlynn Wohl’s 73 Johnlock fics Live from Sherlock Seattle: Transposing Sherlock to Different Cultures Will Ferrell’s 2018 “Holmes and Watson“ This segment was […]

63 – Live from 221B Con: The Detective and His Blogger

Fans discuss the crack ships of series 4, starring balloon!John and Shermit. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans: Smirk, Vex, JL4L Producer: Smirk, Vex, Editor: DrinkingCocoa Balloon!John Recs Shawleylesres’s huge Balloon!John collection lynatikish’s balloon manips anotherwellkeptsecret’s adorable balloon art and sketch nim-lock’s balloon!johnlock kiss enerjax’s balloon!John art eliosu’s adorable […]

62 – We Ship It: Balloon!John and Shermit

Consulting fans take the fandom temperature of several ships, old and new, now that series 4 is over. Listen here or download. Shownotes: We Ship It: State of the Ships Post-series 4 (2:13:05)↑ Consulting Fans: Emma, DrinkingCocoa, Science, Smirk, and Vex Producer/Editor: Emma   This segment was first released on […]

60 – We Ship It: State of the Ships Post-series 4

Chelsea interviews Lee Douglass, founder of queer book publisher, Carnation Books. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Notebook of Kitty Riley: Carnation Books (1:33:04)↑ Consulting Fans: Chelsea, Lee Douglass Producer/Editor: Chelsea Carnation Books Carnation Twitter “Save the date” johnlock wedding invitations Trans Lifeline Benefit Anthology 2017 Elinor Gray / mistyzeo Indybaggins […]

56 – From the Notebook of Kitty Riley: Lee Douglass of Carnation Books

Finn sits down with consulting fans to discuss the results of the fandom and sexuality survey that Three Patch ran in September. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans:Emma, Sophie (xojim), and Anarfea A Spectre at the Feast by Anarfea Coriolis Effect by Anarfea Sheriarty 30 Day Challenge by Anarfea […]

56 – We Ship It: Sheriarty

Consulting fans join Alexxphoenix42 in discussing the allure and appeal of balletlock and rugby!John. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans: Alexxphoenix42, Dani, ScienceofObsession Balletlock feels pic Sergei Polunin dances to “Take Me to Church” Thetwelfthpanda art [1] [2] [3] Shootbadcabbies art [1] [2] [3] Anotherwellkeptsecret art [1] [2] [3] […]

55 – We Ship It: Balletlock and Rugby!John

Consulting Fans Emma Grant, Pasiphile, and Freddie (queeriarty/221brosiewilde) discuss their love of the MorMor ship: Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran. Listen here or download. Pasiphile: Tumblr | AO3 Freddie: Tumblr | AO3 Recs: Relentless Unheroic Necessary by gyzym  Everything London Can Do To You by postcardmystery Newlyweds by Pasiphile These Violent Delights by Pasiphile We’ll Burn Like […]

53 – Pimp My Ship: MorMor

Consulting fan Finnagain interviews Anarfea about the Pridelolly Project. Listen here or download. Fanart of Sherlock and Molly at Pride Pridelolly AO3 collection Pridelolly tumblr Pridelolly FAQ including fic guidelines This segment was originally posted on August 1, 2016 in Episode 52: 221B Pride. It may have been remastered for audibility. Music Credit Unless otherwise […]

52 – Pridelolly Project

Consulting Fans Alexxphoenix42, Chelsea, and Victoria discuss this Mollrene fic. Listen here or download. because I prayed this word: I want by nothingislittle This segment was originally posted on June 1, 2016 in Episode 50: The Women of Sherlock. It may have been remastered for audibility. Music Credit Unless otherwise indicated, music is available for purchase […]

50 – A Study in Fanfic: because I prayed this word: I want by nothingislittle

Consulting Fans PoppyAlexander (fuckyeahfightlock), Lesley (Vanetti), Alexxphoenix42, finnagain, and audience members talk about rarepairs at this 221B Con 2016 panel. Listen here or download. Fic recs from the panel and audience: Jolto (James Sholto/John Watson): All Our Lives by longlivejohnlock, a gen rated one shot taking place before John runs into […]

50 – Live panel: Rarepairs

The official Three Patch Panel at 221b Con 2016, consulting Fans Emma, Caroline, Alexx, Drinkingcocao, and many others talk about their experiences of Shipping and what the practice of celebrating the love between characters has brought to their own lives. Listen here or download. This segment was originally posted on May 1, 2016 in Episode […]

49 – Live panel: Shipping

Consulting Fans Emma, Chelsea, Chucksauce, and Mildredandbobbin share their enthousiasm for star crossing romance between Cumberbatch’s Kahn and Freeman’s Arthur Dent. Listen here or download. Chelsea’s recs: Mostly Harmless by Chucksauce An Improbability by Mildredandbobbin Elizakaze’s Kharthur art Pridoo’s Kharthur art Cylin’s Kharthur comic (on tumblr and ao3) Book People audiobook deal for […]

42 – Pimp My (Space)Ship Edition: Kharthur

Consulting Fans Emma, Fox, Anarfea, Catie-Brie, and DestinationToast talk about the joys of shipping in threes. Listen here or download.  Anarfea’s fics on AO3 CatieBrie’s fics on AO3 DestinationToast’s fics on AO3 Emma’s fics on AO3 DestinationToast’s OT3 stats roundup post This segment was originally posted on September 1, 2015 in Episode 40: Sexpisode 3(some). It may have […]

40 – Roundtable on Shipping OT3s

Consulting Fans: Emma, Kim, Scoffy, Lory, and Poppy Alexander talk about shipping Sherlock Holmes and DI Greg Lestrade. Listen here or download. Lory’s recs: Whisky and Ice Cream Don’t Mix by natalieashe (The Detectives’ Dilemma series) Sherlock and the Queen of Winter by pocketbookangel Blank Canvas, Warm Bed by taylorpotato The First […]

37 – Science of Seduction: Sherstrade

Consulting Fans: B, Science, AlexxPhoenix42, Chelsea, and Brittianey discuss the plethora of fan fiction possibilities by pivoting between settings of our favourite actors . Listen here or download. B’s recs: Come to Morning by sunryder A Redhead Walks Into a Bar… by intricatearticulation Pages from the Red Book by DesdemonaAngel Science’s […]

35 – Expansion Pack Roundtable

Consulting Fans: Emma, Rachael, and Sherlock Seattle attendees. Listen here or download. MorMor rec: Expendable by Deuxexmycroft Johncroft rec: All of This Can Be Broken by indybaggins and Practical Ethics for Beginners by Persiflager Sherlolly rec: Winter by allthebellsinvenice Sherstrade rec: This Doesn’t Change Anything by Shellysbees Johnlockstrade rec: Poster Boys […]

33 – Live from Sherlock Seattle: All the Ships!

Warning: This segment deals with fictional sibling incest. Consulting Fans:  Drinkingcocoa (Host), Scriggly (on AO3, tumblr), Chasingriver (on AO3, LJ, tumblr), Daasgrrl (on AO3, LJ, tumblr, youtube), Splix (on AO3, LJ, tumblr) Listen here or download. Fics discussed: And the Fever When I’m Beside Him by Scriggly Experiments series by Chasingriver Quiet Desperation by Chasingriver Kindred Spirits series by Daasgrrl All the Towers of Ivory Are Crumbling by Daasgrrl No Place Like Home  (or, Return to Royston Vasey) by Daasgrrl A Purely Temporary Arrangement by Splix […]

29 – The Science of Seduction: Holmescest

Consulting Fans:Roane, MK, Mydwynter, Whiskeydaisy, and B. Listen here or download. This segment was first release on May 1, 2014 in Episode 23: Murder, Mystery, Mayhem, and Mystrade. It has been remastered for audibility. Music Credit Unless otherwise indicated, music is available for purchase through online retailers such as and iTunes. Queen, Greatest Hits: […]

23 – Science of Seduction: Mystrade

Consulting Fans: Emma Grant, Roane, Caroline, and Loudest-Subtext-in-Television talk about Johnlock. Listen here or download. LSiT’s Johnlock subtext meta LSiT’s FAQ This segment was first release on March 1st, 2014, in Episode 20: The Elephant in the Room.  It has been remastered for audibility. Music Credit Unless otherwise indicated, music is available […]

20 – Science of Seduction: State of the Johnlock Ship

Consulting Fans: Roane, Brittainey/Lightening-Lillies, Emcee Frodis/Strawberrypatty, Fox Estacado In which we talk all about Sherlolly (Sherlock/Molly). artbylexie Interview between Loo Brealey and Benedict Cumberbatch at the Cheltenham Literary Festival This segment was first release on November 1st, 2013 in Episode 11: Married to My Work.  It has been remastered for audibility. Music Credit […]

11 – Science of Seduction: Sherlolly

Consulting Fans Kat, Emma Grant, Dixie, and Shannon discuss John/Sherlock. Shownotes:  “It’s an Experiment!”: Anything by Pennydreadful or This Pretty Wren Dangerous case leads to the boys getting together: “26 Pieces” by Lanning Sherlock love John long time: “As You Consume the Longitudes” by Coloredink Crossover: “You Are a Paradigm” […]

2 – Science of Seduction: Johnlock