All of Hooper's lab reports pertaining to Rarepairs

Fans discuss the crack ships of series 4, starring balloon!John and Shermit. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans: Smirk, Vex, JL4L Producer: Smirk, Vex, Editor: DrinkingCocoa Balloon!John Recs Shawleylesres’s huge Balloon!John collection lynatikish’s balloon manips anotherwellkeptsecret’s adorable balloon art and sketch nim-lock’s balloon!johnlock kiss enerjax’s balloon!John art eliosu’s adorable […]

62 – We Ship It: Balloon!John and Shermit

Finn sits down with consulting fans to discuss the results of the fandom and sexuality survey that Three Patch ran in September. Listen here or download. Shownotes: Consulting Fans:Emma, Sophie (xojim), and Anarfea A Spectre at the Feast by Anarfea Coriolis Effect by Anarfea Sheriarty 30 Day Challenge by Anarfea […]

56 – We Ship It: Sheriarty

Consulting Fans Emma Grant, Pasiphile, and Freddie (queeriarty/221brosiewilde) discuss their love of the MorMor ship: Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran. Listen here or download. Pasiphile: Tumblr | AO3 Freddie: Tumblr | AO3 Recs: Relentless Unheroic Necessary by gyzym  Everything London Can Do To You by postcardmystery Newlyweds by Pasiphile These Violent Delights by Pasiphile We’ll Burn Like […]

53 – Pimp My Ship: MorMor

Consulting fan Finnagain interviews Anarfea about the Pridelolly Project. Listen here or download. Fanart of Sherlock and Molly at Pride Pridelolly AO3 collection Pridelolly tumblr Pridelolly FAQ including fic guidelines This segment was originally posted on August 1, 2016 in Episode 52: 221B Pride. It may have been remastered for audibility. Music Credit Unless otherwise […]

52 – From the Notebook of Kitty Riley: Pridelolly Project

Consulting Fans PoppyAlexander (fuckyeahfightlock), Lesley (Vanetti), Alexxphoenix42, finnagain, and audience members talk about rarepairs at this 221B Con 2016 panel. Listen here or download. Fic recs from the panel and audience: Jolto (James Sholto/John Watson): All Our Lives by longlivejohnlock, a gen rated one shot taking place before John runs into […]

50 – Live panel: Rarepairs

Consulting Fans Emma, Chelsea, Chucksauce, and Mildredandbobbin share their enthousiasm for star crossing romance between Cumberbatch’s Kahn and Freeman’s Arthur Dent. Listen here or download. Chelsea’s recs: Mostly Harmless by Chucksauce An Improbability by Mildredandbobbin Elizakaze’s Kharthur art Pridoo’s Kharthur art Cylin’s Kharthur comic (on tumblr and ao3) Book People audiobook deal for […]

42 – Pimp My (Space)Ship Edition: Kharthur

Panel notyouraveragesecretary, perverselyvex, anarfea, demonicsymphony and audience participants discuss rarepairs in the Sherlock Fandom. Listen here or download. Content warning: This segment includes discussion of non-consensual sexual contact, aka NonCon. A Measure of Dominance by aelangreenleaf (Sherlock/Kitty Riley) Turn on a Sixpence by merripestin (Mycroft/Stamford) Caffeine and Adaptive Programming by Demonicsymphony (Sherlock/John, 007 crossover) […]

36 – Live from 221B Con: Rare Pairs

Consulting Fans: Emma, Rachael, and Sherlock Seattle attendees. Listen here or download. MorMor rec: Expendable by Deuxexmycroft Johncroft rec: All of This Can Be Broken by indybaggins and Practical Ethics for Beginners by Persiflager Sherlolly rec: Winter by allthebellsinvenice Sherstrade rec: This Doesn’t Change Anything by Shellysbees Johnlockstrade rec: Poster Boys […]

33 – Live from Sherlock Seattle: All the Ships!