All of Hooper's lab reports pertaining to Redscudery

Mrs. Hudson stans gather together for a We Ship It discussion about her exciting sex life in fic and how we need more! Listen here or download. Shownotes: We Ship It: Everybudders (0:30:55) Consulting Fans: Chelsea, Vulgarweed, Redscudery, and Coat Producer: Chelsea, Editor: Drinkingcocoa Get Mrs. Hudson laid – collection on ao3 […]

69 – We Ship It: Everybudders (Mrs. Hudson/EVERYBODY)

Consulting Fans Mydwynter, Mazarin221B, Redscudery, Tiltedsyllogism, DoctorNerdington, and Emma Grant discuss just how Victorian the Victorian special turned out to be.  Listen here or download.  Semana Santa Indiewire review This segment was originally posted on January 6, 2016 in Episode 45: Everything You’ve Taken. It may have been remastered for audibility. Music Credit Unless otherwise indicated, music […]

45 – How Victorian Was it? Roundtable

Consulting Fans Mydwynter, Mazarin221B, Redscudery, Tiltedsyllogism, and DoctorNerdington talk about joys and challenges of writing fanfiction set in Victorian times. Listen here or download. Maz’s fic on AO3 Syllogism’s fics: Of One Blood: John’s Adventures in the Jungle All Our Gifts At Once, or, The Young Sea-Man Redscudery’s fic on AO3 DoctorNerdington’s fic […]

43 – Thinking Victorian, Writing Victorian